All the fashion items on display are from top designers that have a built a reputation for themselves over the years. And that’s why we make bold to issue a warranty on them because we are certain they are not only made with the best of fabrics, but are designed with excellence and accuracy in mind.

It’s not uncommon to find some customers return these fashion items after making a purchase either because they asked for wrong specifications or they altogether changed their minds about making a purchase. We have a return policy in place that helps us deal with issues of this magnitude so that we and our customers can have cause to smile in the end.

One of the clauses in our return policy is the fact that a customer can return a product purchased and get a full refund for it if the product is still in good order, but will have to forfeit their delivery fee.

It’s vital that decisions like these are tended to tactfully or we could end up with a dissatisfied and unhappy customer, and that’s the last thing we want to happen. Hence, we usually encourage our customers to keep abreast with the return policy that binds us as a company before they make a purchase.

Over time, customers who have an idea of what our return policy states are often easier to deal with. However, we try to resolve issues relating to returned items in such a way that we leave our customers happy—even if we have to bear the brunt at the end of the day.

Retaining customers even at the expense of losing money is one core value we have as a company. And so we are driven to make this our reality at all times.

We advise customers making purchases to doubly check that the order they need is what they have sent to the cart; this is especially important as there have been returns made because the customer placed an order for the wrong item, and these are setbacks in themselves that should be avoided.

We are in business to make profit, while serving our customers delightfully; that’s why our customers owe it to us to go through this return policy and know what’s obtainable. We expect that products that are to be returned are done 24 hours after receipt, as keeping a product beyond the stipulated 24 hours is a breach of contract.

Products not properly handled and returned may demand that you forfeit your money. The return policy is basically to keep us from having frictions with customers. Knowing what to do and the way forward if issues arise is one very solid way to retain customers.

Over the years, we have had cause to celebrate because we have a return policy in place that works well for our customers. So kindly do us one huge favor, and digest our return policy before placing an order; this way, everyone can be happy.

After you have spent a couple of minutes reading through the policy, and the terms are fine with you, then do kindly head over to our shop to source for your favorite fashion trend.